Tarmacadam and Asphalt

Tarmacadam & Asphalt

We produce a full range of bituminous bound materials from our two state of the art asphalt plants in Kilkelly Co. Mayo and Ardgaineen Co. Galway. All our products are CE marked and conform to relevant EU standards and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) standards.

Our roadbase and binder course materials provide the strength required by the modern road network or industrial areas that required strong foundational layers to achieve their design life span. These materials include:

  • AC32 dense base
  • AC20 dense bin

(Produced with a 40/60 or a 70/100 pen bitumen)

Surface course systems can vary quite dramatically based on the environmental and work conditions they will be subject to. On a typical house driveway some of our following mixtures have proven to be reliable products that meet the needs of house owners. These mixtures can be used in more demanding situations too due to their high durability and negative texture, ensuring good grip in wet conditions. We add Cellulose fibres to alter the rheological properties of the bitumen making for a stronger more hard-wearing pavement.

  • SMA10 surf
  • SMA14 surf

(Produced with a 40/60 or a 70/100 pen bitumen)

We have a range of products that are used on the public road network depending on many design design factors. County councils are the usual customers for such products like:

  • AC6 close surf 70/100 des
  • AC10 close surf 70/100 des
  • AC14 close graded 70/100 des

Stone mastic asphalt or stone matrix asphalt is a relatively new surface system to Ireland. Developed in Germany in the late 1960’s it has now been utilised widely throughout Europe and its ever-increasing footprint can be found on our own road network in Ireland. We produce the following highly specialised, durable, and reliable mixtures:

  • SMA10 surf 65/105-60 des
  • SMA14 surf 65/105-60 des

National primary roads require a pavement that is both relatively flat and provides good skid resistance all year round with a long-life span to ensure value for the customer (the general public). With all this in mid Hot Rolled Asphalt was developed in the USA in the late 1890’s to provide a flat regular surface with the required longevity. This was saw the need for further improved in the 1940’s as with the development of the pneumatic tyre skidding became a safety issue. We now produce a time proven surface system that is currently the main choice on our motorway network.

  • HRA 30/14 surf 40/60 des
  • HRA 35/14 surf 40/60 des

All the above mixes have the abbreviation “des” at the end of their description. This is short for design. Our mixes are designed specifically for our aggregates with the bitumen from our supplier (Irish Tar) so you can have peace of mind knowing our products meet all the specification standards and the many differing needs of our valued customers.

Here at Harrington Concrete and Quarries we have a history with Airports! We were heavily involved in the construction of Knock Airport in the 1980’s and we were again called upon when the runway was resurfaced in late 2022. A specially designed mixture was used that is expected to last for another 25 years under the stress of aeroplanes! These mixtures are available to all our customers as well:

  • 20mm Marshall Asphalt 70/100 des (Base)
  • 14mm Marshall Asphalt 70/100 des (Surface)


Both mixtures are fully compliant with Specification 13 Marshall asphalt for airfields.