Septic Tank 

Septic Tank

The Harrington Group can supply domestic dwellings with a high-quality PIA approved Septic Tank.  Using our experience in wastewater & manufacturing, Harringtons have designed and produced the most efficient Septic Tank on the Irish market. 

The Harrington Septic Tank is a three-chamber cylindrical concrete tank. The design allows for heavy solids to settle in the first chamber, the liquid then flows through two more settlement chambers before flowing out of the tank into the percolation area.  The treated effluent can also be pumped to a raised percolation area or a Tertiary system via a submersible pump located in the final settlement chamber in so doing away with the requirement of an extra pump chamber. 

The Harrington Septic Tank is made using a design mix 50 newton concrete, this ensures a longer life span and peace of mind for the home owner when comparing to a plastic tank. 

The Harrington Septic tank is CE approved and has undergone testing of hydraulic efficiency according to EN 12566-1, These tests resulted with an efficiency result of 99.92% (one of the highest results in the country) 

The Harrington Septic Tank can be delivered nationwide by our in-house delivery service. 

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