Health & Safety

Harrington Concrete and Quarries recognises and accepts its responsibilities under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 . The management of occupational health and safety is recognised as being a crucial element in the success of our business. Health and safety is central to everything we do in our company.

We as a company, cover the following areas; quarries, manufacturing, civils, and resurfacing works . These industries require a meticulous approach and our company play a leading part in helping ensure a safe working environment. Our civil engineering, surfacing contracts, batching & supply of asphalt material are all certified to ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for safety, environmental and quality. This is something we are proud of and strive to improve on every year. Internal audits are regularly carried out across all our activities to ensure that our operations continue to be safe. For us, the option of ignoring safety at any time does not exist. It is incorporated into everything that we do and is a fundamental cultural value that is reinforced constantly and consistently.

Quarry operations can be dangerous and are a high-risk environment. We at Harringtons strive to ensure that we design, implement and work to Best-In-Class Safety Standards at all of our quarry facilities. We work closely with: the Irish Concrete Federation, Health and Safety Authority, SOLAS, Irish Industrial Explosives to ensure that our systems and procedures are robust and that we protect our personnel and equipment from harm. 
The company shall strive to continually improve our occupational health and safety performance by specifying realistic objectives and targets. Performance shall be monitored, corrective action implemented, and results communicated. Adequate resources shall be made available to achieve our objectives and implement the company’s Occupational Health & Safety Policy.

The safety of our employees is our priority,
we always put it first!

Martina Freyne

Health & Safety Manager

John Keane

Health & Safety Officer