The company’s core values are very much intertwined into everything we do.




By maintaining these core values, we can preserve what has always been special about our company. These core values are the soul of Harringtons throughout the last three generations, and we look forward to a bright future with the support of our dedicated and talented workforce.

Like any organisation or team, Harrington’s strives to be successful. To be successful it needs to have goals to aim for. To be successful in business these goals must reflect the type of business and market that we are in.

Our business is extremely competitive, with Cost, Quality, and Service being some of our key critical success factors. This means that we must find ways of satisfying our customers better than our competitors can. Harrington’s do not operate in isolation; it is doing business in a global market with competition coming from many parts of the world. It is essential that we produce our own success in the long term. These facts largely dictate how we must operate the Company if we are to be successful. The attitude adopted by every single employee to how they carry out their job decides how well the overall job gets done. It is easier and more profitable to do the job “right first time” than to do it poorly and have to do it again. For this reason, your attention will frequently be drawn to efficiency and quality.